Zoom tips

Are are the tips we share at our meetups to help everything go smoothly. Please feel free to share or improve on them…

  1. Bring snacks – healthy or not so healthy, we won’t judge
  2. Mute your mic when not speaking – yes, we can hear that crisp packet rustling (did you know you can use the space bar to talk when muted?)
  3. Stop your video if you don’t need it – particularly when listening to a presenter
  4. Rename yourself to include your council or organisation. Lets everyone know who you are and helps us when arranging the breakouts
  5. Use a background if you want – for fun, or because we really don’t need to see what’s going on in your kitchen
  6. Grab a pen and paper – we ask you to use these sometimes for activities – also handy for jotting down that brilliant idea you just had – well done you!
  7. Use the chat box to ask a question – hopefully someone will know and we will keep an eye out
  8. Use ‘raise a hand’ in the participants menu if you want to ask a question 
  9. Use private messages if you want to arrange to network later
  10. Screen grab or take a picture if you want to keep something (like these tips)

We also love this this helpful page – Video Calls with Zoom from our friends Coproduction Wales – a really handy resource for beginners and everyone else.