Activity instructions for Meetup #10 – Nine minute networking, appreciative interviews, 15% solutions

Here are the instructions for Meetup #10 – all adapted from Liberating Structures.

Nine Minute Networking (20 mins)

Two rounds of nine minutes in threes (or fours)

Talking points:

  • What’s something you’ve done virtually this year that you are pleased about?
  • What’s something your organisation has done virtually that has impressed you?


Appreciative Interviews (40 mins)

  1. Everyone invited to think of any scrutiny inquiry or review that you were involved in, that went reasonably well (real or virtual)
  2. In groups of 3 (or 4) allocate three roles: 
    • Interviewer – asks appreciative questions to learn about what helped
    • Interviewee – answers the questions, focussing on the practical
    • Note taker / time keeper – jots down the most interesting ideas and points about ‘what helped’ – keeps the group on time
  3. Each interview takes 7 mins
    • Interviewer asks questions, interviewee answers (5 mins)
    • Note taker feeds back the main points of ’what helped’ without response from the other group members (2 minutes) 
    • Rotate the roles around the group
  4. After three rounds the group uses the remaining time to discuss what stood out.
  5. Return to the main room and put the best answers in the chat

Interview script

  1. Tell me about an inquiry that went reasonably well
  2. What helped to make it go well? 
  3. What did you do?
  4. What else helped?
  5. What else?
  6. What else?


15% Solutions: What do we have the freedom and resources to do now? (20 mins)

  1. Alone, generate a list of 15% solutions (3 mins)
  2. In small groups briefly share your list, up to 3 mins per person, one at a time
  3. Staying in your group ask each other clarifying questions and build on suggestions using “yes…and” (10 mins or whatever is left)
  4. Return to the main room and share your favourite suggestions in the chat


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