Activity instructions – meetup #12

Here are the instructions for meetup #12 – design your perfect scrutiny officer. We publish these for participants to refer to during the meetups.

Nine Minute Networking

Two rounds of nine minutes in threes (or fours)

Talking points:

  • What’s something you like about the meetups?
  • What’s something you might change?
  • What might be a good topic for a future meetup?

Five Strengths

  1. Consider the warm up question in silent self reflection (3 mins)
  2. In groups of 4/5, using jamboard, share ideas for the important strengths that the perfect scrutiny officer might demonstrate (10 mins)
  3. Agree a set of five strengths and agree the person that best represents each  – present them nicely (15 mins)
  4. Each group share their five in turn to the whole group (10 mins)
  5. In the same groups, swap between one and five of your strengths with any that you heard from the other groups (5 mins) 
  6. Each group shares their changes and reasoning (10 mins)
  7. Favourite qualities in the chat (2 mins)



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